9 Fresh WordPress Themes With A Minimal & Sleek Design

As the greatest painters just need a simple white canvas to create a masterpiece, the most awesome bloggers need just a simple and clean WordPress theme that they should tweak to fit their needs and start creating a chef-d-ouvre! Here are 9 examples of great digital (almost) blank canvases!

Gaius | $12 | DetailsDemo


Gaius is a very clean theme with two columns, based on a strict grid. It uses green, blue, and gray colors, but they are very easy to change and customize using simple CSS

WordPress Wiki | $30 | DetailsDemo


If you’re looking for a Knowledge Base or Wiki for your company but don’t want or need a full blown Wiki Application, then this theme is for you

Nightlight | $25 | DetailsDemo


NightLight is a corporate’sh, magazine’sh, portfolio WordPress theme, including Multiple navigation types with subtext & other 15 amazing features

Publication | $25 | Details Demo


Publication is a simple but well designed WordPress theme that is very easy to setup and use. It requires zero plugins and has some neet features built right in

Silver Business | $30 | DetailsDemo


SilverBusiness is designed for companies, products, or individuals and provides great solution for small businesses, combining corporate design with functionality of WordPress

WordZine | $25 | DetailsDemo


Wordzine is a powerful and elegant wordpress theme to turn your blog into a community or a magazine

Dark Atlantica | $25 | Details | Demo


This theme is ideal for artists, designers, photographers, and other creatives that are in need of a portfolio template that is professional and “to the point”

Clean Blog | $25 | DetailsDemo


Clean Blog is a very clean and stylish personal blog theme equipped with great options: logo changing, twitter account information, number of tweets to be displayed & more

Multi-Theme | $25 | DetailsDemo


This theme is for business, portfolios, blogs, plain old CMS and just about anything else!


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