5 Compelling Arguments for Design Feedback (and Giveaway!)

Getting feedback on your latest design is never easy.  Whether it be finding honest criticism or swallowing your pride in the face of negative reviews, it often just doesn’t seem worth the effort.  However, despite the drawbacks, the benefits of quality, constructive feedback far outweigh the costs.  Here are 5 compelling reasons you should be looking for feedback during every step of your design process:

1. Get a Fresh Perspective

As much as you’d like to think you’re an objective observer, no one directly involved in a design project can have an untainted view of things.  That’s where a fresh set of eyes becomes invaluable.  Objective criticism can uncover new ideas, better alternatives, or, in an ideal world, further confirmation of your genius creation.  Even if it’s your mother-in-law, try to find someone who can review your work before you release it to the world!

2. Correct Mistakes and Confusion

I can’t count the number of times I’ve sent out a “final” project with a misspelled word or missing punctuation mark.  If it gets caught before it goes live, not a big deal, but if your client’s billboard ends up with the wrong phone number, you can bet you’re not getting another job from them.  In addition to simply acting as a filter, a quick outside review can reveal any deeper, underlying confusion.  Sometimes a concept just doesn’t make sense to people outside of your circle of friends or co-workers.

3. Increase Concept Performance

Feedback can help you improve the experience your client, customer or audience has with your design.  It leaves you with a final product that better communicates your value proposition and what you would like the user to do next.  Whenever you improve someone’s experience, you are also increasing your chance for a conversion (a sale, phone call, email, etc.).

4. Develop New Skills

Good feedback challenges a designer, pushing him or her beyond their comfort zone.  If you want to be stretched to the limits and grow as a professional, you need a group of people who can give you brutally honest feedback.  The more you can take (and stay motivated), the better.  I promise you’ll become a better designer and a stronger person because of it.

5. Build your Network

As you begin to reach out to friends, co-workers and the community for feedback, you will start to develop a network of people you can trust and learn from.  Oftentimes, and most importantly, these will be individuals different from yourself – people who can give you a fresh perspective, correct your mistakes, increase your performance and push you to the limits.



To give you a headstart, Concept Feedback, a free feedback community for designers and developers, is offering Inspired Mag readers 5 free premium concepts (valued at $9.99 each)!  Premium concepts put your design in front of thousands of qualified professionals willing to give you quality, actionable.  For a chance to win, leave a comment letting us know your favorite method or technique for getting design feedback.  Good luck!


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